Indoor Broadband Cellular Routers

Fast and Reliable Cellular Internet for Homes and Offices

The indoor cellular router provides broadband speeds over fast 4G/5G cellular networks when you lack access to cable or fiber optic services. With an indoor 4G router, you can access the internet from anywhere within range of its WiFi network and Ethernet connections.

These rugged desktop indoor cellular routers have standard router features like WiFi, Ethernet ports, firewalls, and VPN support for secure connectivity. OutdoorRouter offers indoor broadband cellular routers with CAT4/6/12 and 5G cellular modems that enable maximum download speeds for typical online activities like streaming 4K video, gaming, smart home devices, and more.

The external SMA antenna ports allow connecting high-gain external mobile antennas to improve reception if signals are weak inside. The indoor cellular routers are easy to set up as primary broadband connections or as temporary or backup links during internet outages. They provide cellular internet connectivity for residential, home office, and small business use.