Outdoor 4G LTE Cellular Modem for Canada

4G-LTE Cellular Modem

Built-in 4G-LTE modem, an outdoor 4G router receives the best outdoor cellular signals and gets fast internet access from mobile networks.

It connects to 4G LTE networks with a rated max 150~300Mbps download speed and supports 3G mode. Various models for different countries.

With dual SIM card slots, 4G router has an extra backup connection. Firmware has integrated advanced multiple protocols and auto APN settings.


Powered by the 27dBm Wi-Fi booster, the standalone Wi-Fi access point provides 300Mbps speed in 150~300 yards range in an open area.

Easily set up the Wi-Fi connection and Wi-Fi relay even far away. Connect various WiFi-enabled devices to the 4G router at outdoor – max 57 users.

The outdoor 4G Wi-Fi router is powered over Ethernet (PoE). You can acquire a LAN Ethernet connection through the PoE injector.

Canada Outdoor WiFi Coverage Booster
2021 New 4G Router Enclosure Waterproof

Waterproof Enclosure

The new palm compact design is diecast from lightweight aluminum with a hinged lid lock hole. It has enhanced anti-rust materials and outdoor coating.

High-quality silicone seal rings protect the router against water and dust even in extreme conditions. The breather valve prevents rupturing or imploding.

The New PoE gland has improved the connection stability. In addition, the new L-shape bracket offers more flexible mounting methods.

Outdoor 4G Router APPLICATIONS

Share internet from 4G SIM card in rural area, RV boat, campsite and industrial applications.

Case Studies
Outdoor 4G Router LTE Applications Rural Area Boat RV Internet

Outdoor 4G LTE Router

Rugged 4G LTE Modem

Broadband 4G Router

Industrial 4G Wi-Fi Router

Outdoor Wi-Fi Extender

Extend 2.4G Wi-Fi to outdoor

Solar Powered 4G Router

with Battery & Solar Controler