Canada Cellular Router CAT12

Fast Speeds with the CAT12 Router Across Canada

For Canada’s fastest 4G LTE speeds, the CAT12 cellular router is the premier cellular internet solution. This high-powered router taps into LTE Advanced cellular networks for uninterrupted 4K streaming, online gaming, and other data-intensive uses.

The CAT12 cellular router is easy to set up and configure to your network requirements. With LTE bands supporting major Canadian carriers like Bell, Rogers, and Telus, the CAT12 router ensures you stay connected from nearly anywhere. It’s an excellent solution for Canadians demanding the fastest mobile speeds and maximum coverage.

SKU: EZR34-A012
CAT12 LTE modem 1x SIM slot Cat6 Mobile Modem Router 4G LTE
Max RX 600Mbps TX 150Mbps Fast speed LTE internet on CAT12 modem
1200M WiFi 150~300 yards Outdoor Router 4G Modem External WiFi
52V PoE with 1Gbps Ethernet Outdoor PoE Router 48V LAN Ethernet
IP67 waterproof enclosure Router IP67 Waterproof Outdoor